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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between DELUXE and PROFESSIONAL?

PROFESSIONAL is the full featured program. The DELUXE EDITION will have all of the features of the PROFESSIONAL EXCEPT FOR NETWORKING; the DELUXE EDITION CANNOT have Multiple Users accessing the same database simultaneously, Network Downloads from Biometers such as the IOL Master or LENSTAR or run under CompuLink and other Practice Management Systems.

How do I get training?

We don't have any official training. We have several PDFs that can be helpful. You can access them under UTILITIES from the MAIN MENU - click DOCUMENTATION. The built-in help is also very good. Dr. Holladay teaches courses for the Drs. and Techs at AAO& ASCRS … there are thousands of users.

How do I get documentation?

There are several sources of documentation.

  1. The built-in in HELP system found in the program.
  2. PDF files contained within the program. From the MAIN MENU, click DOCUMENTATION.
  3. PDFs on hicsoap.com. These are mostly identical to #2 in this list.

Licensing and Purchasing

Licensing and Purchasing

How do I unlock my installation?

Before registering or unlocking, you must Install HICSOAP first. When starting HicSoap, you will be prompted for an unlock code and at the same time given a registration number. Click the “SEND (E-mail) Registration” Button, which will automatically send the REGISTRATION INFORMATION and number to support@HicSoap.com and we will e-mail back an unlock code

How many installations per license?

We allow 3 active installations per license.

Do you allow discounts?

No. There are no discounts for educational use, volume purchasing, non-profit use, or non-US countries.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Will it run on a Mac?

No. It requires Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Will it run in Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit?

Yes, it will work in 32-bit or 64 bit Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Why can’t I see everything on the screen that I should?

It requires a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024



For detailed installation instructions, see http://hicsoap.abcomputersolutions.com/p/install

Where can I download the software?

You can download the software from www.hicsoap.com. Click "downloads" under Professional or Deluxe Edition. Then download Setup File.

After I purchase the software how do I get it? Do I just download it or is it mailed to me?

All of the information about the Holladay IOL Consultant Software may be found at www.hicsoap.com. The Software works for 30 days before an unlock key is needed. After purchase (order form on Website) you will receive a CD with the PROGRAM and MANUALS (that are the same as on the web).

Can I load the software on a server?

The database portion of the program may be stored on a server. It is simply one Microsoft Access database file. The program itself (not the data) should be installed on the workstation (not the server). For more networking instructions please see http://hicsoap.abcomputersolutions.com/p/networking

Do I have to re-register or re-unlock after I install a newer version?

No. When you install a newer version on a computer with a working, unlocked installation of HICSOAP, you don’t have to do anything with unlocking or registering.

If there is an update available, should I install it?

The answer is YES but be smart about it. The updates contain bug fixes and therefore are important for you to install. We include the release date in the version number of the new release. For example, version 2013_0601 was released June 1, 2013. We do test each new update before we release but like any software there can be problems with the update. So I recommend that you be smart about installing the update. That means

  • Make a backup of your data before installing
  • Install it at a time that affords you some time to deal with any potential problems

Starting January 1, 2015 using updates released after January 1, 2015 requires a ANNUAL GOLD or PLATINUM Technical Support/Updates SUBSCRIPTION. If you do not have a subscription in effect, you will not be able to install updates. So please be careful and purchase a support subscription.

How do I move an installation?


Program Usage

Program Usage

Where are the HELP SCREENS?

At the bottom of every screen is a HELP BUTTON. When this is clicked pertinent information regarding that screen is displayed. Also, at the top of every screen on the Task Bar is a HELP option, which has several choices, but the first two are CONTENTS and INDEX. If these are chosen a list of topics in the Program are available which when DISPLAYED provide additional information.

When does the Program begin using the Personalized Lens Constant (PLC) and how will we know?

It usually takes from 30 to 50 cases and PLC will appear on the IOL CALC SCREEN and PRINTOUT (in place of MFG CONSTANT or Surgeon Entered Constant).

How about if the program does not start?

The program will not start, if the database or the installation is corrupted. If the database is corrupted, a message is displayed asking to repair or restore the database. The first time this happens, select no and try to start it. If that does not work, start again, select yes and follow the prompts. If that does not resolve the problem, please contact technical support.

When I start HICSOAP, I get the error message “The program did not start properly last time. Do you want to repair or restore the database?”

This is frequently caused by the connection to the database file not working. First, verify that you are still able to access the HICSOAP database file or at least verify that your connection to the network is good. Then the short answer to the dialog box is click NO. This fixes the problem 75% of the time. The long answer for when that doesn't work is please consult http://hicsoap.abcomputersolutions.com/p/troubleshooting/repair-or-restore

Why am I having difficulties importing measurements from the IOL MASTER for a patient that came back for a second procedure?

The system (HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL + biometer (IOL MASTER/LENSTAR)) doesn't support multiple people with the same name DOB or the same person being scanned more than once. If you have a patient measured by the biometer more than once (or equivalently another patient with the same name) then you need to give him a new name so that his data will be imported into HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL. For example if John Public returns for another procedure, enter him as John Public2. If you don't do this then the original patient's data may get overwritten.

Why aren’t any of my lens showing up in the Toric tab?

On the TORIC PREOP PLANNER screen the TORIC LENS FROM ACTIVE LENS LIST automatically populates with ONLY the TORIC IOLs in your Active Lens List. Hence you must add lenses to your ACTIVE LENS LIST that are TORIC. To see a complete list of available TORIC lenses, go to MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP -> SURGEON LENS SETUP tab, select a surgeon, click SEARCH, click the TORIC check box, and then you will see all the available TORIC lenses. Please note that the x in the lens name denotes a number like 1 and 2 and 3.

Why can’t I connect to the IOL MASTER?

Our program "rides" on top of Windows networking. So if you can't get the required connectivity to work using WINDOWS EXPLORER, then it doesn't make sense to try doing it with HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL. To troubleshoot this, use WINDOWS EXPLORER (not Internet explorer) to access the appropriate shared folder over the network. The folder will be something like \\Iolmxxxxx\Export where xxxxxx is a number. When you can do this using WINDOWS EXPLORER it will work with HICSOAP PRO.



What is the default database location?


What is the database that is currently open and where is my data backed up?

The current location of the database can be determined from MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP -> ADVANCED SETTINGS. The CURRENT DATABASE FILE and the DATABASE BACKUP DIRECTORY are shown.

How do I move the database from one computer to another?

  1. Backup database on old computer.
  2. Install program on new computer. You must install the exact same version as you have on the old computer so use the same installation program/disk. The clinic name MUST be the same on the new as it is on the old.
  3. Restore backup database from old computer to new computer. - On the main menu click on database and then restore. Please be sure the CLINIC NAME IS IDENTICAL or the RESTORE WILL NOT WORK.
  4. Verify new computer working with intact database.
  5. Do Registration Removal Procedure on old computer. UTILITIES -> REMOVE REGISTRATION.
  6. CLICK the SEND (Email) REGISTRATION after completing the fields and the INFORMATION it will be sent to support@hicsoap.com. The REGISTRATION REMOVAL CODE from the OLD COMPUTER must be sent also. This way you won't use up an additional unlock code.

For more information please see

I moved the database and now one of my computers can't access it. What to do?

In a multi-user environment, if you move the database to another location the other computers need to be configured to access this database.

After I installed onto the new computer, I had a problem trying to re-store my old database with the backup file- error message 'unable to restore database' kept coming up. Do you know why that is?

Either the BACKUP FILE is CORRUPTED and you should use a PREVIOUS BACKUP or the CLINIC NAME on the NEW INSTALLATION IS NOT IDENTICAL to the OLD. The CLINIC NAME is found under SETUP shown below.


How do I change what database is loaded/used?

Change Database
  2. click CHANGE and SELECT desired database file

Can I merge databases?

Two different databases may not be merged. For more information please see http://hicsoap.abcomputersolutions.com/p/database/merge

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